Saturday, 1 September 2018

Summer holiday

Sunday the 3rd day
Finally got to see baby pia!! So cute
Dinner to Melewar!! 

Monday the 4th day

Went to cyber met Zuen n Lina!!

Day 2 - 2018 summer holiday

Hello KL
We are visiting kakak in Cheras and kids enjoying the swimming pool so much and they went there twice today!! Eat lots of nasi with kopok n kicap.
We went for Boat Noodles in MyTown for dinner.
So much fun meeting nieces and nephews which grown up so much!! 
Irdina, Aqeel, Zafri, Mia, Qisya 

Day 1 - 2018 summer holiday

The Friday

Still jet lagged 
I felt asleep whenever I sat on the couch.
Well we at least get to eat the durian!!
Finally bought the simcard 
Lots of nephew and nieces around 

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Port Dickson

We went to beach on Saturday and staying in Lexis. They messed up our booking and feels sorry bout it and make me feel so funny bout it.
Got to see sha!!
Whole family was there.

As on Sunday after checking out got to rush to Cheras and kids have some pool time

Family time

More of family time as I went to atuk's place on Thursday. Love going there as I practically grew up there most of the time. Brought pizza and had some chocolate apam balik.

Friday minding nephews and cook ketam for yasin and went to Johnys for dinner 

Raya Haji

So Tuesday the 21st August is the malam raya
Nor and paklang pay us a visit.

We have been busy shopping for raya preparation ie pegi pasar

And the Wednesday is the hari raya.
Have not been raya with them in a while!!
Mom cooked rendang and bought some lemang.
Husband cook nasi kerabu.
Blessed and had so much fun !!