Saturday, 27 August 2016

Pall mall

Damansara, shah alam, cheras

Visit mok @ poksu pih house. His house just like in movies. Swimming pools, 6 cars?, 2 bikes, 2 maids, security guard, friendly kids, clean house, air conditioners, elevator. Wow, never know these even exist in our family. Met pokcik and ummi yah

Bff kind of day

Bff- lepak from 12 to 7. Xsedar pon masa berlalu. We can talk for hours if you let us

Mak ngah's house kind of day

Klate last day

Kakja, kak har, kak long and mustaqim visit

Baby balqis

Ganu kiter

Kelate time

Kipmart, kopitiam kind of day

Tasha also came for visit

Utc melaka - unplanned visit