Tuesday, 24 November 2015

21st 22nd november weekend

Kildare Village the private sale

23 Nov 2015


We finally get to Kildare after daddy hesitate couple of times. New Kildare Village is so pretty now in additions with the Xmas decorations. Xmas tree everywhere, Xmas lights and Xmas reindeer. Bella enjoyed it so much since she hasn’t  been out in a while. Sale was alrite but crowd just crazy. We most probably won’t go any shop before Xmas and won’t be driving anywhere before Xmas.


24 Nov 2015

Out with Umar because I need to refund something in Zara. Bought few stuff for Umar such as gloves, scarf, bottle water, new bagpack etc etc. All in Penneys.

I am so excited because he is so into scarf and hat these days. He’ll be so stylish. I didn’t get to take any picture of him yesterday because my phone went hang for some reason.

We decided to sip hot chocolate in Insomnia before go home just to take 15 minutes rest from walking.




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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Across africa story telling by Catherine McGuinness

Across Africa story telling by Catherine McGuinness  

City Hall Dublin

15th Nov 15



Mummy and abang Umar had a day out for a story telling with a tittle of Across Africa.

We decided to take luas instead of using the buggy. We visit Jervis Mall first since mummy had to get Vit D for Bella in Boots. Umar enjoyed the Xmas decorations so much especially the presents. I think I am in trouble because we didn’t plan any present for Xmas. You know we don’t do Xmas but probably I should not have to bring him

We visit daddy at work. I can tell Umar so excited met daddy and even got cookies. Finally we there at the City Hall. The event recommended for 6++ kids but I only found out about that very last minute. Since we look forward to come I decided to go.

It was an hour presentation by Catherine and very interactive. I think it’s very interesting but Umar find it boring. He won’t even stay still. I keep fed him cookies and crisp just so he won’t be rude. Finally Catherine offers everyone to put hand in the lion’s skeleton’s head. I think it’s a bit scary but Umar thinks it’s interesting.

On the way home I just have to snap picture of him on the Millennium Bridge just for the album.

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Paris on birthday

It was my birthday when we went to Paris in 2009.  How nice. It was 4 of us. We happily visit Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo along the Champs-Elysees. I got myself a Chanel. Exciting!!
We went to Musee the Lourve,Moulin Rouge, Eifel Towel, Mont-Marte, try the Escagot then find out that we not supposed to eat that.
We went crazy with the macaroons,tarts,crossoint and all the deserts.
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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Brussels 2009

This is the very first time in Brussels. I am joining my bff and her boyfriend at the time. We stay at the Holiday Villa. We visit lots of places and eat lot of food.
We went to Grand Palace as usual. Went crazy with the chocolates,wafer,fries,icecreams,paella,mussels.
We also went to Mini Europe and Brugge. Mini Europe had all the landmark miniatures for all country in Europe. They were Eifel Tower, Colleseum, and all other landmarks. I thought it really suit kids. We didn’t come here with Umar and Bella because I didn’t think Bella would enjoy it but Umar definitely will.
We went for a cruise in Brugge and had French cuisine there for lunch. I remember the French onion soup was really to die for. 
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