Tuesday, 24 November 2015

21st 22nd november weekend

Kildare Village the private sale

23 Nov 2015


We finally get to Kildare after daddy hesitate couple of times. New Kildare Village is so pretty now in additions with the Xmas decorations. Xmas tree everywhere, Xmas lights and Xmas reindeer. Bella enjoyed it so much since she hasn’t  been out in a while. Sale was alrite but crowd just crazy. We most probably won’t go any shop before Xmas and won’t be driving anywhere before Xmas.


24 Nov 2015

Out with Umar because I need to refund something in Zara. Bought few stuff for Umar such as gloves, scarf, bottle water, new bagpack etc etc. All in Penneys.

I am so excited because he is so into scarf and hat these days. He’ll be so stylish. I didn’t get to take any picture of him yesterday because my phone went hang for some reason.

We decided to sip hot chocolate in Insomnia before go home just to take 15 minutes rest from walking.




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