Thursday, 12 November 2015

Milan - Bergamo and Prada

We flew by Aerlingus so we never been to Bergamo. If you fly through Ryanair, you will arrive at Bergamo before reaching Milan. We took the train and it took us for about an hour to get there from Milan.

We decided to go to Bergamo as advised by daddy’s friend. As arrive, we spot a kebab shop so lunch first.

Bergamo is actually highlighted of my Milan trip because the scenery was amazing. After lunch we took bus and decided to stop at the last station which is on the top of the mountain then we decided to walk from there. It was a quick but fruitful visit.

It does consider as last day in Milan because we flew early morning to Dublin next day. This mummy felt incomplete for not buying any handbag from the trip. I was thinking for a Celine bag since been aiming it for a while but for some reason we only find Celine after purchase completed in Prada.

There we go happy mummy with a Red Rosso Prada. It looks a bit like Celine. It’s actually a gift for me for giving birth to beloved Umar.   

Then when we come back to Dublin we found out the reason Umar was so clingy and mummy so cranky during the trip is because we expecting a baby girl!!! Ops sorry daddy for being cranky.


We had a very nice dinner that night because the reception guy recommend it. Funny was it’s a Chinese restaurant who cook Italian. They taste 1000 times better that the rest of Italian food we had while we in Milan. It was a bit unfortunate not finding the restaurant bit earlier. Not that we starving because daddy cook dinner most of the time. I feels a bit disappoint with the food with my Italy trip this time because when I was in Rome and Florence and Pisa the pasta and pizza was heaven.

Bergamo walk


Bergamo view


Bergamo city centre




Milan – Last day

Our flight to Dublin was really early in the morning. We decided to take cab to the airport. It’s actually not a bad idea because it’s not too far from our Apartment. It cost us €20. I remember Umar enjoyed the trip so much and keep asking why the taxi stops every time at red light. Umar didn’t get travel by car much. So probably the reason he has comments on everything.

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