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London 2011

London with Mas


September 2011

Summer – very warm to this pregnant women. Feels like in Malaysia.

Budget accommodations 7 stops away from London city centre by underground


I was around 23 weeks pregnant during the trip. Mas came over from Malaysia so myself and husband showed her around. She has a lot in her list what she wants to do.


1.     Harrods – We went there alrite. Mas spent lots of time at the Harrods souvenir shop. I am happy with the Crispy Crème alrite there. Remember myself and few girlfriends went crazy during boxing day in Harrods few years ago. I’ll blog separately bout that.

2.     King cross station – Mas wasn’t very happy with the station because it’s under renovation. It’s not similar with ¾ stop as in Harry Porter movie. But she went there again few years ago and see it alrite.

3.     Museums – don’t remember visit any

4.     Oxford st – I remember bought new pair of Sandal because suddenly my feet doesn’t fit my shoes due to walking too much. Love the shopping there when I was with my girlfriends. Mas went crazy with the souvenir again. 

5.     Madame tussaud – didn’t go due to time constraint

6.     Markets – didn’t go due to time constraint

7.     Buckingham Palace – we spent few hours here. We had a good time walking through the palace. Everything looks perfect, the curtain, the chair, the furniture. It is recommended to go. No camera allowed in the palace but outside is ok.

8.     Big ben – Always been pretty especially at night

9.     Trafalgar square -

10.   Tower bridge – One of our favourite too.

11.   Bath and stonehedge – We bought a bus tour ticket from an agent online. It took around 3 hours from London city to get to Stone hedge. It’s beautiful and worth the trip. We went to Bath the roman as well and it’s amazing. The architecture of the building is magnificent. Remember bought Umar’s first cloth at Disney in Bath. We only there for a short time but the small town is so beautiful. I think they were saying Johny Depp own one of the house there. It is recommended to go.

12.   Cruise – We went for hop on hop off bus tour on the last day and granted a ticket for Cruise. The cruise was awesome. I almost won’t want to go for the cruise because afraid that we will miss the flight. But I am delighted we went for the cruise and didn’t missed the flight.

13.   Mosque – We went to London mosque and had delicious nasi arab there. Lots of halal food in London and you obviously won’t get starve. Our favourite place always been Nando’s and Malaysian hall food in Bayswater.

14.   London Eye – Myself and husband afraid of height, definitely not going to the eye trip. But we went there just for visit.



I am glad both husband and Mas who never been to London enjoy this trip so much.


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