Monday, 9 November 2015

Brussels last day

Last Day - Last day of the holiday in Brussels. Our flight is 9pm . Lots of things can be done we can always take everything slowly.

We took cab this time to bring all the luggage to the train station since check out from hotel @ 11am.

Lesson learnt, with kids and luggage and buggy cab is the best solutions. The cost around €20 and it's not too bad.

Metro is a bit inconvenience because not all stations have lift for buggy or even worst they not even have escalator.

Bus also better option but might have to do more research on that one.

We have to get some souvenir because we didn't get any yet. Unbelievable rite. My mum and sister demand for keychain alrite.

It was raining all day long, as a result we can't do much. Umbrella and raincoat really are the solutions but not so long.

After meredah hujan with 2 kids we got some keychain and ready to go home.

I managed to buy 2 shawl though and some chocolates at the train station. I regret for not buying lots of Godiva. It's a bit expensive but worth it.

Tips: There's locker where you can put your luggage if necessary. I think it was €5 for the whole day.

We went to airport really early. I thought I was a bad idea because you know airport food,shop not as good as the one in town.

But there's play area for the kids at the airport.

Lifesaver. Umar and Bella love it. Problems solved. They could spend hours there.

There's also free wifi for one hour. Instagram update check (sitihajar_noor

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