Monday, 9 November 2015

Brussels - day 3

3rd Day - We are going to Brugge today but we going to meet Emilie, my former collegue for a quick one. She came over from Haag in Netherland just to meet us.

Went to Grand Palace again and had breakfast in Panos, not to forget the infamous chocolate milk.

She walk with us to the train station so we can go to Brugge. There's a huge Smurf at the entrance of the station which we did not have a chance to take picture with but I'll google it. I even bought a Smurf soft toy for Bella as a souvenir

Brugge is gorgeous.

Didn't remember it was this beautiful before. Walking by the canal,looking at the ancient buildings it's magnificient. The city is alive and not crowded as Brussels.

Brugge is 50 minutes away by train from Brussels.

We had kebab for lunch before we start the tour.

Halal food is so easy to find in Brussels and Brugge. You won't be starve.

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  Manequin pis

When in Brugge


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