Thursday, 12 November 2015



Travel Date :25 Sept 2012 to 29 Sept 2012

Weather : Nice and warm

Accommodations : Apartment close to metro, university

Apartcity Nice Acropolis (€300 5 days 4 nights)


25th – arrival around 1pm

26th – nice

27th – Monaco

28th – nice – bus – salmon by the beach

29th – depart Dublin


It’s the first Europe trip for Umar since he’s born. He was around 9 months at the time. We book apartment with kitchen so it will be easy to cook for him since he don’t really like jar food. We bought carrots,broccoli and rice just for him but he didn’t actually eat them. I probably should bring blender as well so it will mash up well and he probably will eat them. He ate French fries instead.


Umar actually really good during the travel. Nice is so beautiful. It’s very handy because we stay very close to the metro. No problem with stroller at all because they weren’t underground like in Milan or Brussels.


We took the bus from the airport to the city then look for our apartment.


Food : We found halal kfc. Daddy was in heaven. I think we had that almost every meal. We had a very nice seafood lunch by the beach on our last day.


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