Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Milan Day 1 and 2

Travel Date : 21 March 2014(Fri) to 27 March 2014(Th)

Weather : Cold winter 1 to 14 celcius


Duplex apartment. Thanks to Umar for not playing with the stairs too much.

He enjoyed the cartoon tv even they in Italian.

Flight was early morning again. We got to Milan at 11 in the morning.

The metro again not friendly with the buggy. First day was horrible because we have luggage and buggy to go through with the stairs in metro stations.


We probably only went for groceries shopping on day 1 since we still tired traveling from Dublin to Airport to accommodations with all bags and buggy.


Groceries shopping was great. We just want to buy everything because they all look nice. The bread, fruit, dessert,water,eggs, juices ,icecream, etc, etc.


Daddy was cooking dinner for our first night here.


I made breakfast on the next day before we exploring Milan.


Duomo is a magical place. It’s beautiful and I am sure the scenery from the top of the building is beautiful but no way we getting there with buggy.



Castello Sforzesco

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