Monday, 16 November 2015

Pisa Florence Rome

2 weeks in Italy


We were there before Christmas until after New Year’s Eve. How long is that.

We flew to Pisa so we can see the Pisa tower. But we only managed to see the tower on the next day since we only arrive at the night before.


Then we took an hour train to Florence. I love Florence. So many good foods. We also met Afiq, he work and study there and he invited us for pasta. How lovely.


Piaza Michaelangelo – The statue

Duomo – Duomo are everywhere

Ponte Vecchio – The bridge with lots of market


Most of shops in European country closed on Sunday. We were a bit worry if we wouldn’t find anything to eat on Christmas day. But lucky us we found food.


Then we took 3 hours train to Rome the day after Xmas. So many things to do in Rome. The Colloseum, the fountain, the Panther, the Spanish Steps and lots of shopping outlet too. I got my very 1st Louis Vuitton here too. When you see even dog wearing LV you definitely want one of them. I had so much fun visiting those boutiques



Vatican city

The fountain of love?
Spanish Step
Spanish Step


Door to heaven


Pisa tower

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