Monday, 16 November 2015

Donegal, Sligo

Donegal, Bundoran, Sligo
So Umar, Aidan, Qisya and aunty bee had it plan to go to Bundoran so we will have a holiday together. We rent a 4 bedrooms house to keep us together. They also have 4 bathrooms. The kitchen was lovely and we cook a lot there. Daddy even brought curry paste and ginger.
We brought lunch on departure so we will have nice picnic on the way. But it was raining until we get to the house. We had lunch at the house instead. We had noodle and sandwiches. The journey was about 3 hours from Dublin.
The boys went for groceries shopping after that and hubby cooks dinner.
We want to go to beach on next day because it supposed to be nice on a sunny day but typical summer in Ireland it was raining that day. We decided to go to a waterpark instead. It was something different because we never visit any waterpark in Dublin. The water in kids pool are a lot warmer than adult. I find myself keep bringing Umar there just for a better water. It was fun and different.
Then we when get home and had barbeque I think. We brought chicken from Dublin. We have nice breakfast on next day as well.
On the way home next day we visit Bunduran beach for a quick one. Then bought some souvenirs. Daddy loves the souvenirs so much.
Then we went visit a beach in Sligo. We were lucky because it was really a nice day. Umar finally get to know the sand and the sea.
We even have icecream. First icecream for Umar.

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