Thursday, 12 November 2015

Milan - Foxtown

Milan – Foxtown shopping outlet

We went to Foxtown to satisfy my shopping craving on day 5. It’s actually in Switzerland which one hour away from Milan. You can google list of shops they have since I can’t remember most of them. Some of them are Gucci, Dior, Salvatore Farragamo( my size not available tsk), Fendi etc etc

Our bus departed from Milan at 12pm and returning at 7pm.

We bought our bus ticket online from agent called Zani Viaggi. They offer lots of other destinations like 3 other shopping outlets around. Serravalle is the only one I could remember. The bus is so comfortable for 3 of us.

The scenery on the way to Foxtown is so beautiful. I never regret taking this trip even I didn’t buy anything there. There’s this Gucci and Fendi bag that I really interested with but I ended up buying nothing. One of other reason for not buying is Umar was asking lots of attention from mummy so mummy have to layan him and ignore mummy’s intention to shop.

Tip is Switzerland is a bit expensive than Milan so we happy to brought pizza from Milan for our lunch.
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The entrance

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