Thursday, 19 November 2015

Across africa story telling by Catherine McGuinness

Across Africa story telling by Catherine McGuinness  

City Hall Dublin

15th Nov 15



Mummy and abang Umar had a day out for a story telling with a tittle of Across Africa.

We decided to take luas instead of using the buggy. We visit Jervis Mall first since mummy had to get Vit D for Bella in Boots. Umar enjoyed the Xmas decorations so much especially the presents. I think I am in trouble because we didn’t plan any present for Xmas. You know we don’t do Xmas but probably I should not have to bring him

We visit daddy at work. I can tell Umar so excited met daddy and even got cookies. Finally we there at the City Hall. The event recommended for 6++ kids but I only found out about that very last minute. Since we look forward to come I decided to go.

It was an hour presentation by Catherine and very interactive. I think it’s very interesting but Umar find it boring. He won’t even stay still. I keep fed him cookies and crisp just so he won’t be rude. Finally Catherine offers everyone to put hand in the lion’s skeleton’s head. I think it’s a bit scary but Umar thinks it’s interesting.

On the way home I just have to snap picture of him on the Millennium Bridge just for the album.

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