Wednesday, 18 November 2015


I’ve been to Amsterdam twice. The first time was with 2 off my bff and the second time with group of girls for hen night.
Amsterdam is a really nice place for a quick vacation. They had good food, lots of cheese, coffee shops.

The Hen Trip – 2009
I think almost 20 of us were there for Tasha’s and Aiza’s hen night. Girls just want to have fun. I was a bit sick but I pull myself to go. It always nice being sick somewhere else other than your home.
We had dinner at the Hard Rock Café that night. We also had a nice breakfast next morning. We went to this nice pancake place.
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The first trip – 2007

As we arrived, our hostel was in city centre itself so it’s very convenient to walk around. We walk along the canal, coffee shops, had Indonesian cuisine for lunch.

Second day we went for the canal cruise and Rhea managed to bought a Louis Vuitton before that too.

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